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Severe Weather Outbreak in the Southeast U.S

A significant severe weather and tornado outbreak will occur today, Wednesday, March 17th across portions of the Southeast United States. A strong upper level storm system moving into the Southern Plains has drawn rich low level moisture northward across portions of Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The combination of strong jet stream winds turning with height and moist unstable air will create an environment conducive for strong to violent long-tracked tornadoes, destructive hail, damaging straight-line winds and isolated flash flooding. The greatest threat areas includes Central Mississippi into Central Alabama including the major cities of Jackson, Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.

Additionally, significant severe weather will continue into tonight and through the day tomorrow across portions of eastern Alabama, Virginia, North and South Carolina, with strong tornadoes expected from Georgia up to Virginia.

With the ever-growing concern of climate change, greater volatility and severity in future weather patterns is anticipated.

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