Three Things to Know About Tropical Storm Elsa

July 7, 2021 | 11:57 AM CT

What’s happening?

  • Elsa made landfall as a Tropical Storm along the western Florida coast roughly 50 miles southeast of Tallahassee with sustained winds of up to 65 mph, 10 mph below Category 1 hurricane intensity.
  • The remnants of Elsa will track along the eastern US coast up to Maine, bringing strong winds and heavy rain which will result in localized flooding.
  • Elsa will interact with the jet stream and is expected to re-intensify on Friday, bringing tropical storm-force winds to much of the Northeastern coast.

What’s the greatest concern?

  • Elsa is not expected to stall or bring widespread catastrophic flooding, so the primary impact will be localized flooding.
Map of Tropical Storm Elsa
Precipitation Forecasted Along East Coast in Next 24 Hours
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What does this mean for the affected area?

  • Elsa is not expected to be a catastrophic event, as building standards in hurricane-prone Florida should prevent large-scale wind damage, and Elsa is moving fast enough to prevent widespread flooding.

To learn more about this year’s Atlantic hurricane season, check out the 2021 Hurricane Report.

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