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Meet the Wimbleys and the Wembleys

The Wimbleys have a perfect credit score. They’ve never filed a property claim and have never been on the wrong side of the law—not even a parking ticket.

The Wembleys, on the other hand, recently endured a bankruptcy, and Mr. Wembley isn’t too fond of the IRS either. He has even been known to falsify his identity.

Can your guest screening distinguish a Wimbley from a Wembley?

Ours can.

Taking a vintage view of your guests can be risky

Renting can be risky because after all, you’re allowing complete strangers into your vacation or rental properties. Guests can disturb neighbors, destroy your property, or even steal your client’s belongings. And, most hosting companies don’t ordinarily conduct a background check or criminal screening during bookings. This is where the risk lies.

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Partner with a Data Differentiator

CoreLogic® offers a variety of data and insights to help better inform your guest selection strategy. Our guest background search accesses criminal records across the country to help you determine if a potential guest has a background containing violence, property destruction or financial crime.

  • Extensive database with 4.5B+ records
  • Instant criminal search results in most of the U.S.
  • Safe and seamless data sharing via API connections

Rest easy and find the right guests with CoreLogic.

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