CoreLogic to Release First Real Estate Valuation Bias Training for Appraisers

Training to remove biases that can impact real estate valuation efforts

CoreLogic®, a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled services provider, announced that it would be offering a 5-hour, instructor-led  training aimed at  educating appraisers, underwriters and other valuation professionals and will be offered on an on-going basis through The Columbia Institute.

The new course, entitled, “Bias in Real Estate and Fair Housing,” is designed to aid in one’s ability to identify circumstances where bias may exist and help them remain impartial, independent and objective. The course was developed in accordance with New York’s new law, 19 NYCRR § 1107.2 and California’s proposed legislation, AB-948. The course is open to anyone interested in receiving more education on this topic and will be offered on an on-going basis through CoreLogic’s Appraiser Education Group, The Columbia Institute.

“Discussions of bias in real estate valuation, and the potential causes and solutions, are being considered in the news media and legislative community at both the state and federal level,” said Shawn Telford, CoreLogic chief appraiser. “This focus is providing opportunities for the profession and stakeholders to work on short-term education opportunities. It also enables these key players to think through and study various options to address the interests of stakeholders, as well as remove any preconceived notions that may be inadvertently impacting them.”

CoreLogic’s Appraiser Education Group, worked closely with lender partners to create meaningful and current content for the course. This training begins with a look back on historical events that led to Fair Housing legislation and the need for impartial, objective and independent appraisers.  It then dives into some current headlines impacting the industry to glean perspective and insight into the actions that can erode public trust. The course is recommended for appraisers, appraisal reviewers and any lending support staff that review collateral.

“Education and awareness are two key steps everyone can take. Understanding the nature of current events, why they are happening and what each of us can do to prevent bias tendencies or perceptions from being a part of our work product is critical,” said Telford. “This course is not just about the appraiser, it is applicable for anyone involved in the mortgage transaction including the reviewer, the underwriter, account managers and sales representatives.”

Be part of the solution and make your voice heard. For more information, contact CoreLogic’s Appraiser Education Group at or visit for course information and a complete list of current state approvals.

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