Improve Decisions in Areas with High Crime Rates

For property insurers, accurately quantifying the property risk of crime at the address  level has been hindered by two prevailing impediments—incomplete and inaccurate crime counts at the city level and the lack of comprehensive government crime data.

CrimeRisk by Location, Inc. is available for portfolio consumption and on RiskMeter Online® from CoreLogic to help insurers segment territory descriptions with unprecedented precision, and includes:

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Accurate Area Crime Statistics and Crime Risk Data

While some insurers rely solely on government crime statistics, these counts are often incomplete and inaccurate due to the agency-centric method used by the Federal government. CoreLogic has instead adopted a geographic-centric method that provides more accurate representation of the complete number and types of crimes that happen near the insured property.

Our methodology links the most sophisticated and current crime related data—collected from a variety of local U.S. law enforcement agencies—to the geographic jurisdiction where the agency has law enforcement responsibility. The number of property-related crimes is then statistically estimated using 80 proprietary computer models.


Our Crime Risk layer provides Insurers with a more accurate risk assessment of potential crime-related property damage and stolen property claims by identifying:

  • The complete number and types of crimes that occur within any city or town
  • The area statistics for murder, aggravated assault, larceny, robbery, property crime, motor vehicle theft, rape, burglary and total overall crimes
  • The property’s precise proximity to crime-related risk and type of crimes that could occur



Crime Risk Data Layer – Property Crime Risk Index With Comprehensive Area Crime Statistics and Crime Risk Data



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