GeoAVM Distressed™ from CoreLogic® offers a quick, low-cost, automated valuation that delivers current or retrospective valuations with information-rich property reports. Ideal for early, repeat and volume valuations, GeoAVM Distressed dramatically reduces distressed asset valuation time and expense.


With a record number of properties in delinquency or default and high REO inventories, easy access to a reliable automated valuation tool can help prevent losses from mounting and enable investors to perform due diligence on nonperforming pools. GeoAVM Distressed offers a practical alternative in applications that include:

Early-Stage Delinquency

Understanding equity position at the first sign of trouble – when the borrower misses the first payment – can minimize the downstream effects by enabling servicers to take immediate action. GeoAVM Distressed acts as an early-warning system that helps servicers start treatment at the earliest possible moment.

BPO Verification

GeoAVM Distressed provides a fast, simple way to verify BPO values. With regulatory agencies placing responsibility for valuation accuracy squarely on lenders and servicers, GeoAVM Distressed offers peace of mind and evidence of appropriate quality-assurance on distressed property valuations.

Recurring Valuations

Costs can quickly add up when using BPOs and appraisals to update distressed asset values. When GeoAVM Distressed values and BPOs or appraisals fall within a predetermined range, using GeoAVM Distressed on subsequent values keeps losses from accruing. GeoAVM Distressed can also be combined with our low-cost, on-site ValueView inspections to verify property condition and note changes that require you to perform a BPO or appraisal.

Portfolio Management

Establishing a process to monitor net present value is critical to managing distressed asset portfolios. Using GeoAVM Distressed greatly simplifies the process. Its near instant results, low cost and ability to run batches, as well as individual properties, makes GeoAVM Distressed ideal for portfolio monitoring.

Loan Pool Due Diligence

Running GeoAVM distressed before purchasing nonperforming loan pools helps you verify values provided. Because GeoAVM Distressed allows current and retrospective valuations, it also enables you to map value trends across any given period.

Next-Generation Solution

In 2007, we introduced ValuePoint® 4 Default, pioneering the idea of applying automated valuations to distressed properties. In 2010, we re-engineered the concept from the ground up, using our patented valuation approaches. GeoAVM Distressed applies a more comprehensive model, produces reports that are more complete, and delivers a recommended disposition value and range with forecast standard deviation. GeoAVM Distressed reconciles multiple valuation approaches and applies customized methodologies to produce the most accurate automated valuation results available on distressed properties. We analyze each property as a distinct entity within its neighborhood and consider all data relevant to the property, including:

  • County data for assessor and mortgage information
  • Listing data for REO and retail properties
  • Proprietary data sources
  • REO transactions identified using proprietary methodology

GeoAVM Distressed delivers current or retrospective valuations, making it an ideal choice for distressed asset management and portfolio evaluations. Nightly testing against a benchmark of REO sales ensures GeoAVM Distressed remains tuned to changing market conditions. The refined methods available in the GeoAVM Distressed model and comprehensive report enable you to confidently and intelligently address the influx of REO properties expected to come onto the market within the next few years.

Product Details

GeoAVM Distressed is a new modeling approach that offers:

Better accuracy
More coverage
Forecast standard deviation showing confidence level
Ability to deliver current or retrospective valuations
Daily testing against a benchmark of REO sales

Benefits of GeoAVM Distressed

  • Provides a near-instant, low-cost and reliable alternative to distressed asset BPOs and appraisals
  • Helps minimize further losses on REO properties and those in all stages of delinquency or default
  • Delivers current and retrospective valuations
  • Performs property valuations without disturbing occupants
  • Provides detailed, comprehensive property and market reports and maps
  • Enables proactive workout strategies by detecting negative equity during early delinquency
  • Provides quick verification of traditional valuations
  • Allows batch processing of pools and portfolios, providing investors a fast, inexpensive way to value distressed asset pools
  • Speeds and simplifies the otherwise time- and cost-consuming process of determining portfolio net present value
  • Undergoes nightly blind testing and as-needed refinement
  • Integrates with our OnSite property condition report that verifies property condition

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