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Lead Development Platform for Brokerages and their Agents

Brokerages and their agents can generate leads and increase brand awareness using social media, email and text, and all within a few hours of listings appearing on the MLS.

It’s as easy as pushing a few buttons – and that’s all it takes.

Generate Leads Online Without Extra Spend or Technical Know-How

The SavvyCard Lead development platform is designed to interact with online and social communities with push-button ease. Because it is directly connected to the multiple listing system and optimized to syndicate into leading social media platforms like Facebook, agents no longer need to be technical experts to successfully generate leads online, and brokerages can realize increased brand exposure and reach through agent online marketing activity.

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Pre-Designed for Simplicity

The SavvyCard Lead Development Platform is pre-designed to be template simple. It automatically creates SavvyCards – shareable, mobile-friendly progressive web apps – for both the agent and each of their listings from multiple listing data. These pre-designed Agent and Property SavvyCards are embedded with many helpful tools, like IDX search and turn-by-turn directions, for both the Agent and the clients. And they’re self-maintaining, so agents never have to worry about keeping content up-to-date.

SellerShare™ Generates Leads and Visibility Through Home Owner Networks – With No Ad Spend

Only SavvyCard has SellerShare™, a Matrix™ integrated marketing service that shares Property SavvyCards to homeowners with instructions on how to post them to their Social Media pages.

Agents who use this service see massive return on their < 1 minute time investment: 1,000s of Property SavvyCard page views, hundreds of Property SavvyCard engagements (likes, shares, calls, emails, texts or additional home searches), and new customer leads. Brokerages enjoy increased lead generation for their agents – and the added benefit of increased brand exposure and reach – without any ad spend.

It’s easy to use, too: The agent merely clicks on a link at the end of adding (or editing) a property in Matrix, and submits the seller’s name and email information. SavvyCard takes care of the rest.

Joyce Roberts“My listing was shared twice on Facebook, and it resulted in over 9,000 total visits to my website, and more business.”

Joyce Roberts
REALTOR, Jacksonville, Florida

SavvySigns™ Provide Up-To-Date Curbside Property Information in Real Time

Only SavvyCard has SavvySigns™, a universal text back code service that works for every property in a SavvyCard enabled marketplace. By simply texting HOME to 72889, drive-by customers will receive a Property SavvyCard for the home they’re standing in front of, can access photos, property feature information, school information and can immediately text or call the listing agent. And all without being inundated with competitive advertising.

The service requires no set up or maintenance on the part of the agent or brokerage, and is offered as part of the SavvyCard for Real Estate Brokerages solution. All an agent needs is a sign rider with the instructions “Text HOME to 72889” – it works automatically! And since SavvySigns™ uses Geo-Smart location technology, the same sign works in any location, so there’s no need to use or create different codes (or signs) for different listings.

Tom Scaglione“My SavvyCards convert better than other types of landing pages so I link them to everything I use to communicate with people. I’ve grown my business 20% since I started using SavvyCard.”

Tom Scaglione
REALTOR, Tampa Bay, Florida

Vendor Directory Aggregates Brokerage Service Partners for Agent & Consumer Convenience

Only SavvyCard has a Vendor Directory, a digital service provider network that aggregates all a brokerage’s preferred service partners into a convenient, easy-to-use application, enabling agents and consumers to contact providers in real-time. This Vendor Directory is included on every Agent and Property SavvyCard within the brokerage and every vendor receives a Business SavvyCard. The vendor’s Business SavvyCards are used as landing pages for the directory. Happy vendors provide more reciprocal leads back to the people and organizations that help them out most, so the Vendor Directory encourages lead generation for the brokerage.

Home Service Providers

Case Study: 1 SavvyCard + 1 Facebook Post + 2 Minutes = 50 Prospect Actions

Dean Weissman is a very successful real estate broker in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His brokerage, The Platinum Group Realtors, is consistently one of the top performing brokerages in the nation. As such, Dean is a VERY busy guy. He is always looking for ways to make his lead generation more cost-effective and more efficient. That’s why he loves SavvyCard. He uses it often to generate new leads and all it takes is a few minutes and a Facebook business page.

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