Stable Portfolio Valuations from an On-Demand Origination-Quality AVM

For regular and frequent mortgage portfolio monitoring - without cost constraints.

Total Home Value for Portfolio Monitoring now gives mortgage lenders, insurers, servicers, and investors the ability to evaluate, understand, and manage the collateral value of mortgage portfolios more frequently, easily, and consistently. Designed to produce stable valuations over time, valuation differences are attributed to market changes rather than valuation methodology. Created as a self-service automated valuation model (AVM), Total Home Value for Portfolio Monitoring leverages best-in-class analytics combined with 20 years of experience in valuation and collateral risk to create a portfolio monitoring solution that achieves greater hit rates and high level of accuracy.

Total Home Value for Portfolio Monitoring allows you:

No longer do you need to forego current valuation information due to budgetary constraints, or have to wait for your batches to be run by outside parties with potential for processing delays. This on-demand AVM is designed to help you make better decisions based on the most current portfolio valuations that are stable over time. It also helps you to meet the regulations that require institutions to regularly monitor portfolio collateral. You get an AVM with greater hit rates and high level of accuracy than market-level, ZIP code or neighborhood-level data. Output includes the estimated property value, value range, and Forecast Standard Deviation (FSD).