Aerial Solutions


SkyMeasure™ from CoreLogic® provides highly accurate roof and wall reports that utilize 3D, high-resolution aerial imagery for measurements. 10,000+ roofing contractors, insurance adjusters, roof consultants and insurance companies have SkyMeasure accounts, so they can know their measurements before they arrive and gain the confidence they need to expedite critical projects. The full-service offering is accomplished through the SkyMeasure Advantage: Technology, Pricing, and Service.

What Our Customers Say

“I like this service! The price is reasonable and the turn-around time is quick. I can order reports from the field and generally the completed report is waiting for me when I return to the office at the end of the day. I would recommend this service to all independent adjusters, insurance, and roofing professionals.”
Deluxe Adjusting, Inc.

How Can We Help You?

SkyMeasure reports offer benefits for a wide variety of markets and industries and are most often utilized by the contractor and insurance markets.

Roofing Professionals

SkyMeasure is a property measurement service created by roofing experts for roofing experts to provide a new level of accuracy, simplicity and affordability. Gone are the days of scaling damaged roofs for accurate measurements. SkyMeasure reports make it easy to provide your customer with a quick, comprehensive overview of their roofing project and aids in the presentation needed to close the deal or ever having to set foot on a roof.


  • Simple pricing
  • Quick turnaround
  • Comprehensive premium report available
  • Friendly, knowledgeable customer support
  • Precheck for imagery, just give us a call
  • Multi-structure summary, which breaks out the measurements for each structure individually (i.e. house and detached garage)
  • PDF and XML files provided for inclusion into estimating software
CoreLogic infographic for Roofing Professionals

Insurance Professionals

Used by claims and underwriting professionals and ideal for the insurance market, our reports lessen the need for the adjuster or estimator to climb on the roof. Together with our Claims Connect integration, our reports provide a quick method for estimating the cost of a roof claim.


  • 20% Cost Savings (over our major competitor)
  • Quick turnaround
  • Comprehensive, premium report
  • Simple pricing model, no guessing
  • Friendly, knowledgeable customer support
  • Pre-check for imagery
  • Multi-Structure Summary which breaks out the measurements for each structure individually i.e., house and detached garage
  • Order right from Claims Connect or Mobile Claims
CoreLogic infographic for Insurance Professionals

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