Location Intelligence Solutions for Insurance


Big data and technology are disrupting risk-assessment norms, and insurers are rethinking how they fundamentally conceptualize risk itself. Traditionally, the focus was on the size or severity of claims—not the probability that there would be a claim in the first place. This incomplete concept of risk affects market share with insurers leaving potential profits on the table.

True disruption will come not from the most high-tech but from those who use data and technology to get smarter about insurance risk assessment. Our location intelligence solutions for insurance empower insurers, real estate investors, mortgage bankers and lenders, retailers, and corporations to uncover opportunity, reduce risk, and make informed business decisions.


How Can We Help You?

Our national coverage and proprietary data provides a looking glass into every U.S. neighborhood.

Get Up-to-the-minute Crime Data

Our products use hundreds of sophisticated spatial algorithms to process 9 million+ reported crimes into nationally comparable crime data. With complete coverage for every neighborhood, school district, municipality, and state across the nation, businesses can:

  • Know the crime risk—including murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft—for every location.
  • Easily compare crime rates across locations.
  • Unlock crime trends and forecasts to see if any location is declining or rising.
  • Optimize eligibility lines and reduce inspection costs.
  • Automate underwriting decisions.

Get Housing Metrics that Enable you to Make Better Choices

Receive housing market insights, including exclusive market rent prices by number of bedrooms, house values, housing stock profiles, owner/renter mixes, and more, all in one place. Housing metrics enable you to effectively:

  • Vet various locations and compare them against state and national averages.
  • Determine what the local housing market will bear. For example, what does this neighborhood yield in terms of market rate rental income? How does the number look compared to the rest of the state?
  • Measure which neighborhoods are the most similar, within any distance, or nationwide.

Educational Info for your Properties Helps Understand Risk and Value Better

Our patented, nationally-comparable school performance ratings enable an easy, benchmarked comparison of quality between schools, school districts, neighborhoods, municipalities, and states. Our school data can help your organization:

  • Determine more accurate real estate values (real estate in top-performing attendance zones holds value in economic downturns better than low-performing schools).
  • Better value assets.
  • Balance risk with opportunity by including school performance in evaluations.

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