Great Companies Run on Great Intelligence

CoreLogic delivers the must-have data-driven insights for many of the nation’s top companies. From lead generation solutions to macro-economic forecasts, CoreLogic provides the intelligence our clients rely on to make smarter decisions


From origination to refinancing, CoreLogic provides mortgage professionals the property-level intelligence they need to make the right decisions.

Mortgage Prospecting

Use the latest technology to identify quality leads and targeted prospects that will maximize your conversion rate.

Target homeowners for prospect lists with surgical precision using multiple data elements to pinpoint your direct marketing efforts.

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Market Intelligence

CoreLogic data gives you a detailed understanding of the market and empowers your decisions.


Get a complete view of a property with easy-to-use property reports. Simply search our database of 149 million parcels for transaction histories, MLS data, valuations and more.

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By using this tool to measure competitive market share by area, transaction and loan type, you can gain insight into competitors’ strategies and your own performance in the industry.

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Data Solutions

Get a comprehensive grasp of the market with data from across the property ecosystem that is standardized, consistent and closest to the source.

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CoreLogic Store

The CoreLogic Store makes it easier than ever to access essential property reports on demand. Simply go online with your credit card and in a matter of moments, you'll have access to the information you need.

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Real Estate

Real estate professionals benefit from the accurate and reliable data provided by CoreLogic products across every step of the home purchase process.

Real Estate Analytics

Gain the ability to know the future with CoreLogic analytics, powered by superior data and extensive industry experience.


A repeat-sales index that tracks increases and decreases in the same home’s sales price over time. CoreLogic HPI leverages a quarterly weighting schema that signals turning points sooner and is best suited for organizations that require up-to-date home price information.

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CoreLogic® Case-Shiller Indexes®

Get an accurate measurement of home price trends across the nation with model-level accuracy and reliability. These indices leverage robust statistical and estimation procedures that reduce volatility and are best for users that require a stable valuation over time.

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Listing Trends

Gain early insight into housing trends with nationwide listing data metrics, including monthly snapshots of time-series housing data and aggregates of key housing metrics.

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Real Estate Technology

Enhance your efficiency and gain new opportunities by connecting your data, business and clients.


The Matrix multiple listing platform delivers speed, compatibility and mobility to you and clients for better usability and customer experience.

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This flexible property data search engine enhances your MLS system to provide property data, maps, market info, market trends and more.

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Become the market authority on home values and acquire leads through effective drip marketing with a 50+ percent open rate every month.

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Trestle is the ultimate listing data management and property information tool, providing listing data and rich property information to unify and transform the marketplace.

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Property Rental

Owners and managers of rental property can enhance the renting experience, maximize profits and take advantage of market opportunities using comprehensive and granular intelligence.

Resident and Criminal Screening

As a property owner or manager, it’s vital to select high-quality residents to protect your investment and reduce your liability. CoreLogic provides current and comprehensive data and predictive tools that make your leasing decisions easier, faster and more effective.

resident screening

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criminal screening

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background data

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Scoring and Analytics

CoreLogic offers tools to help rental property owners and managers:

  • Get the Right Renters
  • Score Resident Risk
  • Detect Applicant Fraud
  • Determine Market Position
  • Analyze Property Performance
  • Recognize New Opportunities for Profit

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Property Management

CoreLogic can help make your leasing office more efficient. We empower you to make sound leasing decisions and keep your community safe. We also deliver fully integrated and modular software and tools to help property managers improve efficiency, customer service and revenue.

Property Management Software

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Renters Insurance

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Online Payments

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Utilities and Telecommunications

CoreLogic offers a range of highly accurate Location Information services. We think close enough is never good enough, because all good intelligence starts with the right point.

Land Records

Simplifies land record management for O&G and Utilities.

Parcels and Geocoding

Parcel boundaries, structure footprints and accurate geocoding starts here.

Street and Boundary

Rigorously maintained and current. Get County, Municipal and more boundaries.

Land Lease

Understand your next play. Negotiate leases and mineral rights quickly to optimize existing assets.

Tax Jurisdiction

Assign tax jurisdiction with confidence and eliminate costly mistakes.