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Premier Data Intelligence for Informed Analysis, Administration & Policy Making

State and local government agencies face complex challenges in today’s marketplace. CoreLogic® is uniquely qualified to address these challenges by providing the data intelligence and analytics that serve as vital components in the problem-solving equation.

As one of the nation’s leading providers of mortgage, real estate and consumer data, CoreLogic enables an understanding of the macro economy and how all parts intersect through systemic institutions and real estate markets. Our database inventories consist of over 147 million parcel records that contain collected information inclusive of spatial and flood data, real estate transactions, licensing, and tax information, enabling sound decision-making and policy recommendations by government and industry clients.

property data and analysis

Comprehensive property data and analysis

data-driven insights

Unique data-driven insights for enlightened public policy

Unmatched expertise

Unmatched expertise across the housing and real estate ecosystem

public and private sector

Connecting public and private sector

Assess Real Property Health at the State & Local Levels

Extracts customized by geography to show property data and characteristics, transactions, foreclosures, mortgages and loan-level data

Monitor a state’s residential and commercial property health, including prices and 5-year price forecasts, sales, listings, delinquencies, notices of default, and negative equity foreclosures

That can include design and management of analytics programs, highly customized reporting, staff augmentation, and project-level support

Lien and equity analysis, daily monitoring, and other property and consumer aspects on an entire portfolio

Discern if your borrower is linked to other properties which may not be disclosed in the loan application

CoreLogic Automated Valuation Model (AVM) cascades, Broker Price Opinions (BPOs), appraisals, and appraisal reviews

Square foot and segregated cost approach methodologies, depreciation, unit-in-place, and valuation algorithms derived from the marshall & swift® valuation service and the residential cost handbook

Geocoding, address standardization, and a geospatial engine to perform spatial operations and queries between features and layers

Tax services, flood zone determinations, and preservation services.

For automating underwriting, risk and fraud review, reporting and audit requirements

To property characteristics and ownership, comparable sales, transaction histories, voluntary liens, legal and vesting documents, fraud alerts and valuations

Products and Services

Closest To The Source

Closest To The Source

40+ proprietary algorithms



Refined quality control processes

Rapid Daily Refresh

Rapid Daily Refresh

Records computer audited and reviewed by humans

Breadth & Depth

Breadth & Depth

3 sources used to verify important records



Building solution for 50+ years

Instant Actionable Insights

Instant Actionable Insights

Consistent meaning across 3,100+ counties