Using Our Resources to Improve Lives

We are CoreLogic. A company that uses the power of information, technology and services to help businesses and consumers connect and create a better world. This is the foundation of our commitment to corporate social responsibility. CoreLogic provides dynamic insight to an increasingly diverse world, and this requires a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our business.

Our company-wide diversity and inclusion efforts encourage all employees to bring their point of view to work every day. We believe that building a diverse and inclusive culture is critical to winning in the workplace, in the marketplace, and in the community.

At CoreLogic, we believe that by connecting people to better information, we are improving the way we live and the way businesses operate.  The reason we do so is simple—we believe in helping others and making a difference.

Diversity and Inclusion

It’s in Our DNA

CoreLogic is dedicated to attracting and retaining the best talent – bringing together men and women from many countries, cultures, ethnicities, lifestyles, generations, abilities, and backgrounds, including military veterans – as a CoreLogic community.

Cultivating Diversity


At CoreLogic, we believe that encouraging employees to bring varied perspectives to the workplace sparks innovation, increases market agility and strengthens our company's culture. This enriches the CoreLogic environment and builds upon the CoreLogic values of mutual trust and respect.


We believe that having a diverse supplier base helps us better understand and anticipate the needs of those we serve. Supporting supplier diversity gives us a competitive advantage through access to a broader range of skills, services and solutions while providing economic support to nearby communities.

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Supporting Diversity Through Action

While our commitment to inclusion is a principle that guides decisions, ensuring that diversity flourishes throughout the company requires action through programs that include:

Maintaining management accountability and focus on diversity, formalized through our Enterprise Diversity Advisory Council

Developing key talent through our leadership and management development programs, projects and role expansion

Recruiting top talent by participating in conferences and job fairs that reach across the broad and varied candidate spectrum

Educating employees at all levels on our diversity principles, practices, and policies

Establishing and supporting inclusive employee resource groups that enable our employees to come together to share and promote viewpoints; including Pride, NextGen, Veterans and the Women's Business Council

Encouraging and supporting mentoring opportunities

Community Relations

One of our many Habitat for Humanity projects.

What Giving Back Means to Us

Our commitment to our communities includes company programs that draw on our people, products, and financial assets to address community issues effectively. Such programs include supporting housing initiatives, promoting community reinvestment through research, and building financial literacy through knowledge.

By building relationships that last in the community, and supporting in-kind giving and volunteerism, we create lasting partnerships that have positive cumulative impact.

Community Initiatives and Partnerships

CoreLogic is proud to give back to the communities in which we live and do business. Not only does being a good corporate citizen promote positive awareness of CoreLogic, but citizenship serves to inspire and create an inclusive culture for our employees.

Sharing Financial Knowledge

Sharing Financial Knowledge
Financial literacy education in our school systems and communities plants the seeds for financial dignity, comprehension and independence. Our people and partners provide training and educational seminars that support financial security.

Supporting Housing Initiatives
From transitional housing to homelessness and foreclosure reduction efforts, CoreLogic supports housing development that focuses on the needs and circumstances of every person and family.

Promoting Community Reinvestment
With access to information citizens, community leaders and developers can make more informed decisions about the direction of their neighborhood. From assessing the impact of changes to the economy to measuring under-banked populations, we provide funds and data resources for community research.

"My students have become more financially aware since they participated in the Banking On Our Future program. It has helped make math much more relevant to them."

—Liz Chaney, Teacher, Jefferson Elementary School

To accomplish our ambitious community goals, we've formed strategic partnerships with a number of leading nonprofit organizations:

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat's vision: a world where everyone has a decent place to live
Operation HOPE, Inc.
The global leader for financial dignity

Employee Volunteers

Nurturing Our Talent and Our Communities

Fostering Sustainable Communities Through Economic Development and Philanthropy

We strive to be an active community partner and thus, have an established tradition of community involvement. We support our employee volunteers who help to strengthen and enrich our communities.

At CoreLogic, we encourage our employees to make a difference. We’re proud of our employees who make an impact everyday within the communities where we live and serve.

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