CoreLogic 2019 Habitat for Humanity Campaign

Helping Make Houses Homes

Strengthening our local communities is a key focus of our corporate social responsibility program. Since 2010, CoreLogic has been a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity and its vision for a world where everyone has a decent place to live. The nonprofit enables financial independence by increasing access to affordable housing and works with communities throughout the country.

All CoreLogic employees who have been at the company for at least three months can leverage the Volunteer Paid Time off Program to spend 16 hours annually volunteering on company time at an eligible charitable organization of their choice. This year, more than 560 CoreLogic employees took advantage of this volunteer paid time off program and contributed over 4,500 hours to support our annual Habitat for Humanity campaign.

A few CoreLogic employees shared their experiences volunteering with Habitat for Humanity:

“It was very hot that day, but nobody complained. Instead, everyone was laughing and having fun, and we finished more drywall ahead of time! We all came together as #OneCoreLogic and helped build a new home for a very deserving family. It was wonderful to be part of such a great project with such great people.” – Tony Uebersohn and Michele Barnes (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

“Thanks to our team’s efforts, we finished painting our house within one day. CoreLogic also worked with the local Habitat for Humanity office to fund additional improvements to the home, including new flooring, windows and appliances.” – Ben Robinson (Oxford, Mississippi)

“We all felt a great sense of pride that we could help make a positive impact on the homeowner’s life. We were proud of the company we work for and of everyone who volunteered their time to take part in Habitat’s awesome mission.” – Deborah Wagner (Knoxville, Tennessee)

We want to thank all of our Habitat for Humanity volunteers and all of the CoreLogic employees who devote their time to improving the local communities in which we live and work. We can each make a difference and help people find, acquire and protect the homes they love. For more information on how click here.

Vienna, Virginia Habitat for Humanity

Sydney, Australia Habitat for Humanity

Knoxville, Tennessee Habit for Humanity

Rochester, New York Habitat for Humanity