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Gain Compelling Insight on Home Improvements

Detailed information on over 28 million building permits provides valuable insight for marketing and risk management initiatives.

CoreLogic has expanded your view of real estate and homeowner activity by adding building permits to its property and homeowner databases. Now, you'll have a single standardized source of data to evaluate the full scope of home improvements in your client acquisition, cross sell and retention efforts.

Dynamic Insights

CoreLogic has delivered the insight that thee markets require through the acquisition, compilation, standardization and quality control of an expansive Building Permit database.

  • Building permit data compiled with property and homeowner data provides crucial insight needed for risk and opportunity analysis
  • Any factor affecting an asset's composition can result in gain or loss
  • Building permit data is hard to compile and expensive to acquire, but without it your business is at a disadvantage
  • Customers leverage standardized views of permit data indicating key changes in properties they service, own or wish to buy

Access to detailed data on over 28 million building permits helps you make more informed decisions an can give you a competitive edge.

Who Uses Building Permit Data?

  • Direct Marketers in the home improvement and big box retail spaces can use building permit data to find and target homeowners who are expanding and making improvements to their property.
  • Data Aggregators and List Brokers can use permit data to create lists and analytics for their clients who market home improvement products and services.
  • Property Insurers, Mortgage Servicers and Lenders typically want to know about building permits issued on the properties in their portfolios as an indication that a property may be increasing in value or may become underinsured.
  • Investors also need to know of improvements made to properties, as typically investment properties that have been renovated can yield higher monthly rental rates.
  • Settlement Servicers providing title and closing services need to verify if improvements are permitted, the existence of open permits, potential contractor liens and the nature of the improvement.
  • Appraisal Management Companies want to ensure that appraisers have a way to validate that improvements are permitted to code and that improvements are considered when a property is appraised. Access to building permit data provides appraisers with key details on property characteristics or amenities that can result in a more accurate appraisal, and ensure appraisal UAD and lender GSE compliance.