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Remember When You Were the Trusted Advisor
to Your Clients?

Millions of consumers visit the "Big Portals" today to see the value of their home and transactions in their neighborhood. Discover how ePropertyWatch from CoreLogic puts that power back in your hands.

Home and Neighborhood Insights Consumers Crave

It’s no secret. Consumers love information about their homes and neighborhoods. It’s where they live and raise their families. And it’s also their #1 asset. If you don’t offer this data, you may be losing important leads to the big portals and the agents who paid to promote themselves.

Benefits of ePropertyWatch

  • It makes you the market expert. Prospects will rely on you for home values and neighborhood activity instead of the nation portals.
  • Every email is branded to the agent, keeping your name top-of-mind
  • It’s the drip-marketing platform that is always interesting
  • Data is dynamic and fresh each month
  • A 50+ percent open rate—every month

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