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Understand Fire Risk

Understanding a property’s risk of fire damage based on the ability of firefighting personnel to suppress a fire is essential when establishing policy fire protection premiums—especially because the closest fire station isn’t always the station assigned to servicing that property. Being able to quantify this added delay of fire response, the availability of municipal water for fighting fires, and more is essential to understanding a property’s risk.

Improve Your Fire Risk Underwriting Decisions

  • Learn fire district type: paid, volunteer, combination of both, private, and subscription
  • Determine true driving distance, within 5 miles, from the responding fire station to a property
  • Pinpoint the correct responding fire station associated with a given property
  • Locate geographic coordinates and address for each fire station
  • Confirm the availability of municipal water for fighting fires
  • Determine which properties are at high risk due to extreme distance to station, type of department, or absence of water source

Accurately Identify a Property’s Proximity and Driving Distance to the Responding Fire Station

CoreLogic data assigns the property’s correct responding fire station, identifies the driving distance – within 5 miles – from the responding fire station and determines the availability of municipal water based on the property’s exact location.

We collect the information through federal, state, and local sources and utilize the American Association of Insurance Services, Inc. (AAIS) methodology for returning a calculated score.

Fire Station Locations Are Verified Using:

  • Parcel-level geocoding and spatial technologies
  • Accurate road network data
  • High-resolution aerial photography
  • Personal contact surveys

In addition, the fire response data includes spatially-accurate fire district boundaries gathered from local sources in each state. Improve the accuracy of your fire protection premiums with precise, current and accurate fire protection data..

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