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The Future of Voice-Driven Real Estate

Voiceter Pro is the conversational search company that brings businesses and consumers together through voice-driven interactions with Amazon's Alexa and Google’s Assistant. Voiceter Pro's voice-powered skills are revolutionizing artificial intelligence-assisted searches in the real estate industry. 

Today, hundreds of millions of devices are connected to Google and Amazon voice assistants. Your members, freed from interacting with keyboards, can now take advantage of these assistants to increase their efficiencies as they drive, multi-task with clients, and so much more.

Voiceter Pro’s voice-driven listings search is NAR IDX compliant and integrated to Matrix  It’s simple for an agent, their clients, or even both together to have a conversation with the Google and Amazon voice assistants in natural language to zero in on just the right listings. After Alexa or  Google tells the agent or their client about the top matches, the user will receive an MLS-branded email with links back to all the results on the MLS website. Not only can members and clients search for homes using the power of their voice, but they may also  ask their favorite digital assistant for a valuation of their own home to get a read on available equity.

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