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Our Analytics and Modeling Platforms

Our analytics and modeling platforms provide simple, sophisticated tools to manipulate data, analyze risk and predict risk-based performance.

Once the members of our New Diligence™ engagement team begin accessing and analyzing the data needed to solve its defined challenge, they draw upon an array of sophisticated analytics and modeling tools to evaluate a bond’s underlying assets and assess current and future risk.

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CoreLogic Bond Tracker enhances traditional credit ratings by delivering granular, dynamic, and automated analyses of security holdings and underlying collateral—providing banks and other regulated institutions the information they need to incorporate new standards resulting from Dodd-Frank and other federally-mandated requirements for assessing securities credit risk. CoreLogic Bond Tracker gives asset managers a powerful tool to use in the new regulatory and credit-sensitive environment, one that cuts through complexity and confusion with transparent, up-to-date information that clearly shows the factual basis for forward-focused ratings decisions. CoreLogic Bond Tracker is based on clear, current, verifiable loan-level evidence as opposed to traditional RMBS credit grades, which may be derived from difficult-to-validate criteria. The regular updates provided include ongoing life-of-bond surveillance and automatically refreshed key data. The updates will consider, among other risk factors, changes in property value and other market-impacting events.

Designed to give you an immediate, cost-effective competitive advantage in the mortgage pool bidding process, Pre-Bid SnapShot generates fast, decisive information about properties underlying the pool’s value. With the speed of automation and the reliability of CoreLogic data and analytics, it provides a loan-by-loan assessment of a bond’s collateral and identifies encumbrances affecting its value, such as open liens, flood zone concerns, and more.

Our nationwide network of 12,000+ brokers and agents delivers trustworthy broker price opinions (BPOs), filling a critical intelligence gap for issuers and investors.

Our BPO network provides important benefits:

  • The ability to meet high-volume valuation needs quickly and affordably
  • Highly accurate valuations for greater confidence in decision making
  • Appropriate disposition sales prices to curtail missed opportunity losses

CoreLogic On-Site BPO Reviews verify property information and assess property condition faster and more affordably than full appraisals. Because we’re also a leading provider of AVMs, full appraisals, and various hybrid valuation services, we understand the role BPOs play—and how to ensure they deliver the unbiased accuracy, speed, and reliability.

Our bond pricing and analytics solutions seamlessly integrate CoreLogic analytics and modeling capabilities with Intex deal models' CoreLogic HPI, and HPI Forecasts to provide:

  • Improved RMBS valuation plus risk management and surveillance
  • Improved bond pricing that accurately predicts collateral loan behavior
  • Simplified insights from a single view of securities, borrower, and real estate data
  • Real estate trends based on ZIP code-level historic and projected pricing

Since every RMBS decision is based on assumptions about future risk, issuers and investors have long relied on RiskModel’s continuously updated ability to define and predict these risks. RiskModel leverages the LoanPerformance™ prime, alt-A, subprime, and home equity databases, subjecting relevant data to rigorous predictive analytics that project the future performance of whole loans, securitized mortgages, and home equity lines of credit.

RiskModel provides robust outputs focused on these key categories:

  • Prepayments, defaults, loss and cash flow forecasts
  • Mortgage status transitions or roll-rates (current, delinquent, paid off, defaulted)
  • Probability of default (PD)
  • Loss given default (LGD) or severity

Using Monte Carlo simulation methodology, RiskModel projects distributions of possible outcomes—given simulated and specified “What if?” scenarios. This enables users to determine which projected outcome aligns best with their investment strategy or regulatory requirements.


Bond Analytics Solutions Brochure

Bond Analytics Solutions Brochure

Seamless Integration of LoanPerformance Data and Analytics With Intex Deal Models for Superior Bond Analytics and Pricing

GeoAVM Distressed Datasheet

GEOAVM Distressed™

GeoAVM Distressed Datasheet

GeoAVM Distressed Brochure

GeoAVM Distressed Brochure

GeoAVM Distressed Brochure