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Data Quality

Evolved over decades, our data quality control system is an enterprise-wide effort that assures the accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, validity, and security of the data in our repositories. We dynamically update all databases continuously, normalize incoming data to streamline its use, classify it to comply with current regulatory standards, and provide advanced security safeguards to assure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

CoreLogic databases increasingly power combined-workflow solutions, designed to solve problems quicker by overlaying data in new ways.

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Our LoanPerformance™ securities database—the largest repository of loan-level information on the U.S. RMBS market—tracks prepayment and credit delinquency risk on over $1 trillion in RMBS (over 97 percent of outstanding pool balances) plus loan-level detail on the underlying collateral of 15,000+ private-issue mortgage-backed securities (12,000 active). Data is available on two platforms—TrueStandings® and Vector™—as well as text data.

Our LoanPerformance servicing database includes more than 40 million active mortgages, with delinquency, prepayment, and roll-rate metrics at the Zip code-level—offering thousands of analytics options on the full dataset or defined cohorts. These data metrics are available in both the prime and subprime datasets with loan-level data on 28 million loans.

Our TrueStandings servicing platform offers anonymized filtering and performance-measurement metrics that enable flexible, focused, time-saving ad hoc reporting in addition to its always-current one-click standard reports. Product types covered include all ARM variations with Zip code-level access for granular analysis. We also provide loan-level access to over 130 million anonymized prime and subprime loans (both active and closed) for data modeling, trending, and custom metric development.

Our LoanPerformance home equity database includes 7 million+ lines and loans representing more than 80% of bank-owned home equity loans and lines of credit. The TrueStandings platform can be used to benchmark home equity and second-mortgage portfolios to the national market, to compare your portfolio performance to industry standards—including delinquency, prepayment, and utilization—and to assess credit policy, servicing-cost management, geographic risk levels, and prospective portfolio purchases.

We also make access available to loan-level data on over 50 million anonymized home equity loans and HELOCs to support customer modeling and custom analytics needs.

CoreLogic partners with the leading credit reporting agencies to enable access to the most up-to-date borrower credit scores and credit data for RMBS. Our credit solutions consist of anonymized U.S. consumer credit profiles that have been matched to the private-label securitized mortgage deals in the loan-level LoanPerformance database.

Investors who currently utilize only traditional loan-level data will find that these solutions afford them a new set of key influencers in forecasting delinquency and losses, helping optimize their pricing strategies, improve model accuracy, and enhance deal surveillance.

Our New Diligence teams regularly employ these credit data tools:

  • Credit Append Products
    These append single- or multiple-bureau credit scores and/or attributes to loan files
  • Credit Monitoring Solutions
    These enable single- or multiple-bureau trigger-based monitoring of consumers in a portfolio—account reviews, undisclosed debt searches, portfolio monitoring, etc.
  • Occupancy Review/HOOS
    Consumer credit reviews to affirm occupancy by integrating securities data with public record and credit data, analyzing results to determine loan-occupancy status

From basic tax data solutions to the complete outsourcing of traditional tax functions, our services help 22 of the top 25 servicers manage over 28 million loans, representing over half of all first mortgages in the U.S.

As a result of this operational effort, our property tax database has grown to 145 million parcels and our tax delinquency database is now over 25 million records. The scope of this data provides a comprehensive framework from which property tax information can be analyzed and interpreted.

The CoreLogic real estate database, the largest in the world, provides property and lien information covering most U.S. properties and borrowers, including:

  • 99%+ of U.S. residential properties (145 million)
  • 100%+ of U.S. county, municipal, special tax districts (3141 Counties)
  • 3.5 billion+ public document images, available for real-time delivery
  • 575 million+ historical transaction records, spanning 40+ years
  • 99+ percent of commercial real estate properties (26 million+)
  • 75 million+ mortgage applications

Our Match & Append Database Services combine access to the nation’s largest property and ownership databases with inclusion of additional metrics uncovered and appended by our network of field researchers—providing you often-unexpected insights into critical risk factors.

From in-depth details about single or multiple properties to markers indicating trends for a neighborhood’s properties to historical lending practices and patterns—or any metric you choose—our experts can quickly find and attach them to individual files or entire portfolios.


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