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Spotlight on a TPM

Monica Fannon is a Principal, Technical Product Management (TPM) at the CoreLogic Dallas office co-located with Pivotal Labs. Working side by side with business product

Culture Stories - Celebrating Black History Month in Dallas - Dallas Building

Celebrating Black History Month in Dallas

Raising Awareness and Promoting Diversity CoreLogic recognizes that diversity enriches both our working environment and our society by bringing together perspectives from a wide range

Two Programmers Are Better Than One

As technology advances and customer needs become increasingly more refined, tech developers are under more pressure than ever to take their programming methodologies to the

Culture Stories - The Women’s Business Council - Jan 2019

The Women’s Business Council

2019: A Year of Empowerment Diversity and inclusion are part of the fabric of our culture at CoreLogic. We strive to provide an environment that

Culture Stories - A Tradition of Holiday Giving

A Tradition of Holiday Giving

As part of the company’s Give More initiative, CoreLogic employees have contributed their time, energy and resources to give back to their communities throughout the

Creating the Ultimate User Experience

Experienced designers and digital developers understand now more than ever the importance of user experience (UX) when creating digital products. Building products with exceptional UX