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Ordering and Delivery

As the leading provider of reverse mortgage documents, we deliver streamlined, progressive solutions that serve all aspects of the reverse lending process. A single point of contact provides access to our entire suite of reverse mortgage document services.

We provide multiple, automated and secure online ordering, fulfillment and delivery methods to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of compliant reverse mortgage documents.

Automated Document Preparation

Our automated document preparation services begin with our web-based data retrieval system that offers user-definable data validation and manipulation routines. Our online system allows you to enter and transmit data via the web without desktop software installation to provide a custom interface directly from your loan origination system. This custom interface creates synergy between your closing process and our reverse mortgage document services.

Document Management

We offer a complete, internet-based document management tool for reverse mortgage lending that allows you to direct document packages to multiple delivery sites, as needed. Our document management tool lets you view before printing and print individual documents or an entire package. You can also email secure document packages that cannot be edited to your designated recipients.


CoreLogic is the reverse mortgage industry expert on regulatory and agency compliance at state and national levels. We can also help you ensure compliance with California law requiring lenders to translate specific disclosures into Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese or Korean if the mortgage was negotiated in that language. We have the process in place today to provide those specific reverse closing documents.

At CoreLogic, we make all required document enhancements to ensure complete compliance. This support means you can have confidence that you’ve met agency and federal regulatory requirements.

Product Details

  • All agency-endorsed HECM CMT, HECM LIBOR and HECM fixed-rate loan products and proprietary documents to your requirements
  • Fast, efficient customization of individual lender proprietary loan programs
  • Full document support for the HECM Purchase and COOP provisions of recent federal legislation
  • Live customer support 24/7
  • All documents can be viewed before printing and electronically delivered to multiple delivery sites or automatically emailed in a secure environment
  • Specific reverse mortgage document disclosures translated into Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese or Korean
  • Extensive capabilities to help you improve efficiencies, reduce risk, reduce cost and expand business growth
  • Ability to take advantage of all or any of our services to achieve the solution that’s right for you
  • Services to manage the workflow process for the complete loan production cycle, including loan setup, disclosures, loan processing, comprehensive document preparation, vendor management, closing coordination, post-closing services, imaging, file delivery and post-closing quality-control audits
  • Fixed loan origination costs that enable more competitive loan programs
  • Rapid deployment of new product offerings that enable business growth
  • Immediate access to loan lifecycle services from application to post-closing
  • Scalability to meet fluctuating loan production
  • Reduced loan processing timeline through integrated process management with our suite of other loan production products
  • Improved efficiency through reduced infrastructure and administrative support costs
  • Compliance team with expert knowledge and experience regarding regulatory and agency compliance at state and national levels
  • Documents include all required documents to ensure complete compliance
  • Legal and compliance department and network of local counsel that keeps us abreast of federal, state and agency developments affecting documents’ form and content
  • Enabling technology that ensures seamless, uninterrupted flow of data, products and services
  • SAS 70-certified services data center
  • Cybertrust® security certification
  • MISMO®-compliant electronic data exchange
  • MERS®-ready document registration