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Helping the insurance industry protect and restore property has always been our primary focus. We’ve done this by using our expansive and proprietary property data to build end-to-end underwriting and claims platforms that are easily integrated into existing workflows. And the best part? Because we’re working with other folks that are building the latest and greatest insurance solutions, our clients can take advantage of our best-in-class platforms, the latest InsureTech offerings and top notch service providers with just a flip of a switch. 

Better Choices. Flexibility. Trusted Performance.

Integrated Member Solutions for the UnderwritingCenter™and Claims Connect®

At CoreLogic, we want you to be able to choose the latest InsurTech and service provider solutions that work for your business. By working with the best of the best, through the Digital Hub Alliance™ we give you easy access to a variety of third-party software and smartphone apps already integrated within our Claims Connect® and UnderwritingCenter™ platforms.

Keep scrolling to explore offerings by members of our Digital Hub Alliance available through our industry-leading underwriting and claims estimating platforms.





Learn More About Our Integrated Member Solutions

Each quarter, we’ll feature two of our Digital Hub Alliance members in a webinar designed to allow our members to demonstrate the features and benefits of their integrated solution with CoreLogic platforms.

Please email us if you would like more information about the Digital Hub Alliance and members and/or if you want to be included in invitations to register for the informational webinars.

Click here to register to download the Seek Now and HOVER webinar.